On Forward Thinking.

Remember, life will go on.

Life will go on. This simple saying holds so much meaning. It says you are not the center of the universe. It says you have this one life.It says there is nothing to do except move forward.

It tells me not to get caught up the small things. It tells me that no matter how bad things may feel now, they will get better, then worse again, then even more worse, then better again, then worse again. It tells me I cannot try to control everything because life will go on as it wants.

Now more than ever, in the mist of a global pandemic, it is hard to stay positive. No one knows when things will be ‘normal’ again. At a time like this, it is important to know this world of isolation and fear is not forever. Life will go on.

People who are hopeful are often seen as ignorant. There is wisdom in pessimissim, right? There is wisdom in seeing the glass half empty. But, when we begin to give up, pessimissim is no longer wise. Constantly dwelling on what you don’t have will only make you more pitiful and sad. Instead, realize what you don’t have and think about what you could do to change. Move forward. Because, life will go on without you.

Optimisim also has its pitfalls. It covers our view of the world in sprinkles, making it hard to see reality. We dream of prince(ss) charming, tall castles, and bountiful feasts as if any of it were going to come true. Optimisim builds idealistic expectations that are bound to be broken and allows us to ignore our problems.

There is a middle ground we must strive for. We must learn when we should exceed to — rather than protest — the demands of reality. We should see the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the best, and the worst of our lives. Only then do we learn how to move forward.